15 years of Mercurial Posters

Nike Mercurial posters designed by Adriano Furtado, a 22-year-old designer based on São Paulo.

About the project:

These posters were created to celebrate the 15 years of one of the most iconic football boots ever created: the Nike Mercurial. From 1998 to 2013, these boots have helped players like Ronaldo, Neymar, Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ribery, Ibrahimovic, Robinho and many others to score important gols around the globe. In this series, we’ve tried to incorporate some elements from brazilian culture into the compositions, to make it more locally connected and unexpected.

These were created as part of the Nike do Brasil Brand Design team and have been shown during the Batalha das Quadras event in Rio de Janeiro, and at Arena Seleção store and Nike’s office, both in São Paulo.

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Game of Thrones World Cup Nike concepts
Soccer Knights



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