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Showcasing the beauty of calcio,
football graphics and design

Football and graphics: could there possibly be a better combination? Designing football graphics is a passion – and if you’re lucky enough, a job. Throughout the years I have designed lots of graphics, ranging from posters, magazines and banners, all on the subject of football or sport in general.

Forza27.com was born out of these designs, a place for me to showcase my passion, but it also grew into a website to highlight the wonderful work of many other talented designers who create excellent art on the subject of football. Here you will find lots of players graphics, team posters, detailed illustrations, intricate infographics or wallpapers, beautiful paintings and photography, all relating to all things football and beyond.

The dream gallery. From top-left, Pele by Dave Merrell; Maradona by Emilio Sansolini; Totti by Ed Moynihan; Zanetti by Marija Markovic; Tiki Taka by Dan Leydon; Batistuta by David Diehl; Maldini by Zoran Lucic; Inzaghi by Steve Welsh

Throughout these pages we have featured some of the best design work you’ll likely find anywhere in the sports industry, we have collaborated with some of the biggest brands, and interviewed some of the biggest names. Be sure to have a browse of our detailed Links page to see an extensive list of designers and artists, as well as a number of design communities and resources.

Hailing from Ireland, I am a graphic designer and design consultant by trade, running my own design studio EMCreative. I have a strong interest in not only football, but all sports in general, ranging from gaelic football, hurling, rugby and cycling. I’m also a supporter of a certain Giallorossi, but I’m sure you’ve already figured that out by now.


You can reach me at Ed@Forza27.com, or find me most often on twitter.



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