AS Roma Neon Dreams Wallpapers

New wallpapaers for AS Roma, based upon and inspired by the A-Z Typographic Series created by Neon Dreams, a design studio from Perth, Australia.

I first seen the A-Z Typographic Series while browsing on Behance and was struck at how cool the elements are and how they would look adapted to something Roma-related. Whilst the individual letters in the series are made up of different elements (swirls, jagged edges, abstract elements etc.), combined together they leave a striking impression and an almost animalistic or alien feel to the words. In short, they look epic.

Neon Dreams is the digital illustrations of Christopher Haines. He can be found on twitter at @myneondreams.

There are two versions available, both with three colour options. Click on each image to see bigger, then save to desktop for full size


Giacinto Facchetti Picture Card
Footballers in the Style of Shepard Fairey



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