Branding The Madrid Kings

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Stylish branding project entitled Branding The Madrid Kings, by Ricardo Carvalho, a Creative Director and Sports Branding Specialist from São Paulo, Brazil. The Madrid Kings are a football club brand for a Friday Night Football Championship based in London’s which offers a unique 11-a-side footballing experience.  It’s a four-team league competition featuring the Samba Stars, Finesse City, The Madrid Kings and VSV Sporting. Each team has their own footballing philosophy, from attacking with flair and skill to defending the lead with flawless counter attacking tactics.

“All hail the Kings, they have set their mark and are here to reign at the FNF Championships. The Madrid Kings embody power, success and glory in their footballing ethos. A majestic brand of football is sure to make Los Reyes an undisputed force to be reckoned with.”

Designer: Ricardo Carvalho Web: Social: @_rccarvalho
Dreams by Fer Taboada
Football's Future Stars by Luke Walsh



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