Calcio Catania Rebrand

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A vibrant and explosive rebrand of Serie C side Calcio Catania. Known as Gli Elefanti, former Serie A side Catania have fallen on hard times over the last few years but are slowly getting back to the top. This rebrand by Emanuele Grittini and Giuseppe Liuzzo acts as a synthesis of the city of Catania and its visual identity as an iconic and unique place.

The colors are derived from elements present in the territory with each of the four shades is inspired by the city of Catania, its football history and the territory that characterizes it: light blue represents the sea, red comes from the spectacular bursts of eruptions of Etna, black from the volcanic ash and the beige leather of the first footballs used for sports. The jersey boasts the traditional red and blue stripes but with a twist to better communicate the dynamism of lava’s rivers flowing over the sea, the red strip embraces the player as well as them embraced the sea to create the city.
Football is becoming a business unconnected to the territory, foreign entrepreneurs who buy clubs and companies that think only to millionaire sponsorships risk to breaking the bond that each team must have with its local area by losing the social promotion of the values and beauties that characterize its territory of origin.
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