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Casa Milan is the new headquarters of Italian club AC Milan. Italian design studio Novembre was commissioned to design the interior of the building. Relocating from Via Turati to Casa Milan, its current place measures 10,000 square feet and is decorated in the club’s signature colors, which are red and black.

The seven-story building contains offices, a restaurant, a first-of-its-kind merchandise shop and museum. It is the club’s first museum that charts its history with exhibitions, including portraits of their best-known players. Red and black furniture are used in the building, such as the red and black plastic chairs in the restaurant. Similarly, the display shelves and tabletops in the merchandise shop are also in this striking color combination.

The office area, which consists of meeting rooms, recreational space and a press room, is filled with wall murals depicting graphics of the club’s historical moments. As well as an official museum charting the San Siro giants’ history, the site will play host to a club megastore, a square with a big screen, a restaurant, a range of offices and a ticket bureau.

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