Club 99 Book

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It was in front of your eyes, you just never saw it. Club 99 is a new book which pays tribute to the brilliance of cult football game Pro Evolution Soccer, one of the most revered game series ever made, and easily my personal favourite sports game. A project created by Scott McRoy with accompanying text by Mikey Traynor, it features some amazing contributions by 32 of the world’s most popular football illustrators (see list in full below), many of which are friends to these pages.

The Club 99 book comes in a high-quality 150gsm hardback silk stock, of which only 99 copies are to be made and will no doubt be sold out in no time, so keep an eye on or follow @Scott_McRoy for more. It looks like a real gem.

A quality line-up: the full list of illustrators and artists, and some of the legendary names which feature
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