Curva Sud Roma Posters 2014

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La Curva Sud, Stadio Olimpico, Roma, Italia…

What can you say about the Curva Sud? From days of storied past with views of the Monte Mario in the background, up to when the roof was installed on the Olimpico for the 1990 World Cup, right to the present day, the Curva Sud has been a special place of worship for romanisti.

Iconic photos, classic games, legendary ultra groups, spectacular coreografia, flags and flares, fights and riots, glory and heartache… the Curva Sud has seen it all.

“Roma Roma bella, t’ho dipinta io… gialla come er sole… rossa come er core mio.”

Here are six new posters on the Curva Sud, each with a strip of classic shots from Roma’s history underneath which have come to represent what the Curva Sud is all about.

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Brazil 2014 Iconset
Davide Moscardelli



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