Diadora Match Winner Italy OG

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Iconic Italian football brand Diadora have released two brand new football boots inspired by legendary Italian fantasista Roberto Baggio. The Diadora Match Winner OG (Original) boots are almost identical to the boots worn by Il Divin Codino back in the day, while the Diadora Match Winner Blushield boots feature the latest in Blushield technology.

The new Diadora Match Winner OG boots features a slick all-white base with a ‘corsair’ sole and matching Diadora logo. These classics boots are an outstanding retro-style release in an era dominated by what it fashionable. The boots are produced in all K-leather and with water resistant treatment. A quilted vamp creates a soft touch on the ball, improving control.


The Diadora Match Winner Blushield RB boots combines tradition with Diadora’s latest high-tec Blushield technology. They feature a Kangaroo leather upper with three-dimensional treatment and a high level of grip, coupled with a well-fitting internal sock. Blushield technology ensures unprecedented balance for absolute responsiveness on any terrain.

You can pick up the Diadora Match Winner Italy from prodirectsoccer.comImages via Diadora.com.

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