Ethan Johnston Copa America Posters

The 2015 Copa America was a lively and exciting tournament to watch over the summer with some great games and action, with hosts Chile coming out victorious. To go along with it, we seen some great artwork released (SEE: Luke Barclay; Emiliano Sansolini) to honour the tournament.

These latest Copa America posters created by Ethan Johnston, a designer from London, very much follow in that trend. In Ethan’s words:

This is a personal project for the Final of the Copa América 2015. I made 2 posters for the countries that reached the finals, using one of the most stand-out, iconic players from both teams. I wanted to create something with a vintage, hand-made look to it, but still bold and colourful! I was initially inspired by the idea of colour swatching on product sketches, with lines of colour and from there built on that, adding a messy painted brush stroke effect.

Great work. See more of Ethan’s designs on Instagram or twitter @EthanJDesign.

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