Euro 2020 Brand Identity

euro-2020-logo-1The 2020 UEFA European Championship has officially kicked off at a ceremony in London, in which the visual identity for the tournament was revealed.

The 2020 edition will mark 60 years of the EURO, and to celebrate this fact the tournament will be shared across 13 European host cities, giving fans throughout the continent a chance to be part of the action.

The logo design focuses on a bridge motif, selected to represent the unity between the 13 host cities in what is the first ‘Euro for Europe’. Hélder Pombinho, Y&R creative director, underlines the importance of the visual identity system conveying the message of union, saying: “Where bridges become the common denominator that brings host cities together as one.”


A statement on the UEFA website says: “At the heart of the championship’s new visual identity is the bridge – a simple, universal symbol of connection. Each of the accompanying 13 unique host logos will feature a single iconic bridge from the city in question.

Gianluigi Buffon by Mattia Iurlano
Totti 40



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