Il Lupo

Il Lupo. The wolf. A gorgeous rendition created by Dave Flanagan, an illustrator from Chorley, England.

In Dave’s own words, “experimenting with styles and colours has a decent result”. I certainly agree. Although not intended to be associated with i lupi di Roma, unless Dave is a secret Roma fan, which I don’t think he is, it certainly bares a resemblance to a great piece of Roma fan art with the colours used.

I’m a big fan of Dave’s illustrations – which we’ve featured here before on Forza27 – in particular the wild graphic line style used which really captures the passion and emotion of the subject. Would be perfect for an illustration of Totti or De Rossi, which I’d love to see.

Check out more of his work on twitter or via his store here.

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Stadio Della Roma
Serie A Flat



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