Juventus Unveil New Kits for 2015/16

388965Juventus have unveiled their new kits for the 2015/2016 season and they are loyal to tradition. The new home kit displays the iconic black-and-white jersey, white shorts and white socks. The new jersey features the black and white striped design recalling the classic Juventus style. The stripes are not outlined but they intersect, creating integration between the white and the black.

The black hem at the bottom of the jersey displays a tonal graphic print featuring the J letter, the club symbol, and some details evoking the unique exterior design of the Juventus Stadium. The three adidas black stripes are placed on white inserts on the sleeves to underline the bond with the brand.

The shorts are white with three black stripes. The Juventus crest is on the front and the black adidas logo on the back. The socks are white with three black stripes.

The away kit combines a classic back to the roots design with a touch of innovation. Since 1897, the year of the club foundation, until 1903 the Juventus players have worn pink jerseys and black shorts creating a kit that has become iconic and an integral part of the club’s history. The adidas designers have thus reinterpreted tradition by combining the pale pink colour of the historic club jersey with brighter pink applications on the sleeves and on the front in-between the white stripes to create perfect mix of authenticity and modernity.

As with the home jersey, the hem displays an application, white in this case, on which the J letter and references to the exterior design of the Juventus Stadium are featured, tone-on-tone. The round neck collar is black as well the logo and the adidas three stripes.

Photos/words courtesy of Adidas.com



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