Let’s Make a Jersey

Give your support to this great new campaign called Let’s make a jersey, by Nerea Palacios and Daniel Nyari, amongst others. Both are talented designers whose work we’ve featured here on these pages many times before, and this latest venture makes it possible for you to actually get your hands on a fabulous football shirt. What a smashing idea!

From Indiegogo.com:

I’m Nerea Palacios, the creator of the IwanttoworkforNike project and the Game of Thrones World Cup kits. Ever since the project started, many of you have asked me to produce some of the jerseys. This was never the original intention until the question came up. So why not?

I began thinking about the level of freedom clubs leave their fans to create something that is entirely for them. In an age where new designs are introduced so frequently how often do we really have a say over what a club’s kit looks like? What if the football-design process can become democratized and supporters get kits that are designed by supporters themselves?

As a Fashion Designer I reached out to Designer and Illustrator Daniel Nyari who is likewise a massive football fan to start having this discussion. We came to the conclusion that in our effort to stay connected to our favorite teams the football jersey is the most immediate way to do so. The players wear it. We wear it. There is a material connection. Team jerseys are always present in our association with football and this has changed and shaped the way we perceive clubs as brands. When we think of our favorite teams, we don’t only think of their star players or achievements but in terms of color combinations, patterns, stripes – design elements that come together to form a visual consciousness.  We wanted to focus on this relationship between supporter and team from a completely aesthetic point of view. Strip away the history, the words, the sponsors and ask ourselves what is iconic about a visual identity and how can this intangible notion be reduced to its essence? We knew this would be a chance to do something entirely unique.

What we are looking for:

We want to produce a limited edition of jerseys. From the 20 teams you help us to select thanks to the questionnaire.The problem is that we need to have the money in order to send these into production. So, basically we are looking to you for this support!

To get your hands on one of these great jerseys and support the campaign visit Indiegogo.com or Supporters.pro.

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