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Nice logo redesign work from There’s no doubt many football clubs could do with a redesign of their crest, but it remains a sensitive subject. There are those who do a rushed botch job and go down the route of simply hiring an agency and end up gettings things all wrong, while there are those who get it just right.

From a design point of view, there’s a lot more to a club crest/logo redesign then simply modernising it and making it look good. It is not just a logo to be used for greater marketing purposes, it represents the clubs history and heritage and all the club stands for, and the wishes of the fans also have to be taken into account.

I’m reminded of this quote by Steve Parish, Crystal Palace co-chairman and brand communications specialist who, when speaking on Palace’s new crest unveiling, said:

When we started off, I did think of it in an advertising sense, as a logo. But it’s not a logo, is it? It’s a shield, a coat-of-arms; it’s what you wear when you go in to battle”. does a good job all round. You can contact them for freelance work or requests at

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Adam Lloyd Stadio Olimpico Photos
AS Roma Vintage Photo Collection – Digitally Retouched: 1981-82



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