Nostalgia & Football by Dan Leydon

Classy new illustrations from Sligo-based illustrator Dan Leydon, yearning for the old days.

As Dan says:

Football suffers from a tug in two directions. Older people will always associate the icons they grew up with as the greats, whilst the youth will opt for their contemporaries. As Messi and Ronaldo score more and more, the broken records pile up, and some fans begin to sound like them… There seems to be a yearning for the old days. when genders were strictly fenced and ‘real men’ (whatever that means) tackled other also ‘real men’. The high octane football of today is weighed down by a guilt at enjoying the travails of these preening sissies. Back then there was some form of perceived superior morals in attempting to physically break members of the opposing team with ‘honest’ tackles…

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