Paine Proffitt Programme Covers

Behold the work of Paine Proffitt, a die-hard Port Vale supporter and talented illustrator who hails from the US. I first discovered Paine’s work with his excellent programme cover for the recent Ireland v Italy friendly (hat tip to TheInsideLeft), which you can see below.

Paine Proffitt’s illustrations have a very distinct vintage look to them, very much in the mould and style of old-school football with grounds, with classic kits, the laced brown boots, father-and-son style supporters, and even classic industrial chimney backgrounds all adding to the feel.

His artwork has featured on many programmes and fanzine covers of several British clubs including the likes of Arsenal, West Ham and Celtic. He also has done artwork for Napoli and Genoa and plans on featuring more Italian clubs in the future. 

You can see more of Paine’s work by visiting his (recently updated) website and by following him on twitter.

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