Ptitecao Studio Artwork

Ok, so this may not be technically football-related, but hell, I couldn’t resist. Behold the incredible artwork of Ptitecao Studio, aka Caroline Blanchet, a graphic designer from Nantes, France.

We’ve featured Caroline’s work here on Forza27 a couple of times in the past as she has worked on football content, but these pieces focus mainly on Caroline’s love of basketball, with some tennis and handball thrown into the mix.

I’m a big fan of the the style of Caroline’s work: bright, explosive, dynamic elements, with lots of fire. Always a great combination. The effects and finish on the players themselves are nothing short of stunning.

Click on each image to see bigger

All artwork credit to Keep up to date with them on twitter. 


ACF Fiorentina + Nike 2014/15
Lionel Messi – Ases de América



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