Roma Art Series: Hot Stuff Cartoon Creations

As you may have seen, recently I have had the pleasure to contribute to for its RomaArt series, and share a lot of the wonderful art of all things giallorosso. 

The first entry was Dzeko & Totti by Daniel Nyari, followed by No Totti, No Party, which we’ve seen here before on Forza27. The series will be ongoing, so be sure to keep an eye out for more great entries soon.

The latest instalment of the RomaArt series are these very cool Hot Stuff Cartoon Creations by Fabio Redaelli, better known as Hot Stuff. Fabio lives in Rome and his knowledge and passion for the club’s history and heroes – past and present – shines through in everything he creates.

Follow Fabio on Instagram and on Twitter.

RomaArt Series 1: Nazar Stefanovic
RomaArt Series 2: Hot Stuff Cartoon Creations

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Calcio Tribute by Marco Bertoletti



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