‘The 11 Series’ by Ty Palmer

Ty Palmer’s series of player portraits is based on a simple concept: choosing a favorite player to wear each number, from one to 11.

From his official website:

I felt the need to challenge myself with an illustrated portrait series, so I decided I would create a series of posters of my favorite footballers to wear 1 – 11. This project gained spirit with my work with the futbol artist network. I have loved the beautiful game for as long as I can remember, and I wanted to commemorate the genius’ of the game. Each poster uses the specific color palette of either the crest or kit of the team to dictate the composition. Mixed in each piece is the respected stadiums of each player, which are lightly ghosted within the work. 

Print quality versions can be purchased on his site. Click on each to see bigger:


The Lionel Messi-Inspired Chair
56 football players from the 2012/13 season



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