The Fragments of Charis Tsevis

The Fragments of Charis Tsevis are truly fabulous pieces of work. The first, entitled Lio Messi – The fragments of Barcelona, is a tribute to Barcelona, both the club and the city and its leading star Lionel Messi.

The technique of the artwork is called Trencadís mosaic which was first introduced by Antoni Gaudi and other Catalan artists at the time.

The second part is a series dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo – O orgulho de Portugal. It is a series of mosaic illustrations based on the great tradition of Azulejo.

This form of tile painting is five centuries old and is a typical part of Portugues culture. The origins of Azulejo can be found in the Arab pattern tradition, the Italian tile craftmanship and the Greek mosaic art. Stunning work.

See more of Charis’s work on his website and follow him on twitter: @tsevis


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