Twitter headers – calcio crests

Here are some new calcio crest-themed twitter headers for 2013/14. So far, there are some for Roma, Inter, Milan and Napoli, with more to follow. Any specific team requests let me know.

Twitter recommends dimensions of 1252 x 626 and maximum file size of 5MB for headers, but it will automatically resize any uploaded image to 520 x 260 pixels (the actual size of a your header)

So, for these headers, I’ve done them at at 1252 x 626, the largest size, which you can upload directly and it will fit in perfectly. Each header has also been designed with the avatar box and username display in mind.

It also worth noting that twitter automatically adds a slight bottom-to-top black gradient to all headers – regardless of the image used – which needs to be taken into consideration when looking at the headers below.

Twitter avatar box + username example first (don’t use), plain image after. Click on each to see bigger and save


Kampion Card Game
Champions League: 15 to watch – poster series



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