White Lines

White Lines is a new football magazine from These Football TimesWhite Lines believe in the power of words. They believe in the power of history and the presence of storytelling. That’s why everything they feature is originally produced for the magazine. They also give the most talented independent writers a chance to flourish.

It features 19 great articles for hours of your reading pleasure. Leading the way is a great feature on Agostino Di Bartolomei – The Legend that Never Was, by Alessandro Mastroluca. There’s also features on Alessandro Del Piero – In Celebration of Genius (Trevor Murray); Hidetoshi Nakata – The Global Impact and Brand (Liam Newman); as well as features on Bosnia, France, Mexico, Brazil and Yugoslavia.

The front cover illustration of Alessandro Del Piero is by the talented Charis Tsevis (previously: The Fragments of Charis Tsevis), and the magazine also features illustrations from The World Cup Draw.

At over 80 pages long White Lines issue 1 is a great read. It is available to purchase as a digital edition here for just £2.99. See more on Thesefootballtimes.net.

Adidas football #ThereWillBeHaters
Manolas – You Shall Not Pass



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