PAOK FC Match Programme

Probably one of the best layouts for a match programme you are likely to see anywhere. Programmes can be collectors items if produced to a high standard. In some nations like Italy the match program is not really a done thing, and they are often cheap, shoddy A4 sheets being given out for free whilst in others, like England and Germany, it is more like a booklet, and if produced correctly it can be an item to cherish.

More and more teams are now using quality illustrators and designers to enhance their programmes, and this can only be a good thing. One such team is Greece’s PAOK FC who got designer Dimitris Papazoglou to oversee the programme for the Europa League Group stage match v Fiorentina, with the cover illustration by London-based studio Hellovon

Amazing cover illustration and beautiful, clean crisp and striking layout design to perfectly suit a football match programme. Who wouldn’t pay a fiver for that?

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