Holy Goal Photos

Lovely photos by Rome-based photographer Ciro Meggiolaro portraying empty football goals around Italy as holy posts.

From Ciro’s website CiroMeggiolaro.com:

I don’t know if I’m already old – I’m 35 now – but a couple of years ago I began comparing my childhood with the children of these days.

I saw this mostly in the empty football fields where my friends, 90% of the children in my country – I’m italian by the way – and myself played every day until the sun went down, leading to the point where our mothers would scream and shout to call us back home.

And today… that’s not the story in Italy. I don’t know if the fault lies with the smarthphones or other electronic devices, perhaps it’s to do with too many cars being on the streets or it’s simply a sign of the times in which we live.

I see these goals as the lonely crucifixes, everywhere in my country – hence calling this project HOLY GOAL –  that you can find in the crossroads or on the peaks of the mountains. And I hope that in the future a group of child will stop again in these football fields and pitches, not to pray, but to play.

See CiroMeggiolaro.com for more.

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