Michel Football Magazine

Michel Football Magazine is an old fashioned magazine about the beautiful game of football, founded in August 2013 by Rolands Juhna and Cristian Liberum. It is published monthly on michelmag.com.

The design is exactly as the description says: old fashioned, classic, black and white with sporadic use of one colour. Its slick and simple with very nice layouts throughout with great use of white space, all mixed in with classic and modern black and white photography and interesting stories, also both old and new.

The latest December issue features Lazio legend Luciano Re Cecconi on the cover, while the September issue featured an excellent article on ‘how Vincenzo Montella is turning into the best manager in Italy’.

The magazine is available to read for free here.


Subbuteo World Cup Group Poster
Adam Lloyd Stadio Olimpico Photos



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