Póg Mo Goal Magazine – Issue 2


Póg Mo Goal is a new Irish football magazine focused on considered design and great quality writing from around the world. Issue 2 is now available for pre-order and will ship in a few weeks’ time.

The magazine features writers, photographers and illustrators from Ireland and around the globe, including Hong Kong, USA, Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK.

It includes Johnny Hynes of LFC magazine asking does style matter in football or is it just winning at all costs that counts. How Robbie Keane conquered America, the GAA’s ban on foreign games and famous games and events in the ‘Home of Irish Football’ Dalymount Park. David Villa’s brief cameo in the A League and the impact of the City Football group on the Australian domestic game. The Eritrean national team transplanted to the Dutch country-side. Rafael Esquer’s Studio Alfalfa reveal the inspiration behind the crest design of one of MLS’ newest franchises New York City FC. Typographer Sander Neijnens examines shirt number design.

Issue 2 contributors:

  • Ciarán Culligan – Photographer, Ireland
  • Rafael Esquer – Studio Alfalfa, US
  • Przemek Niciejewski – Photographer, Poland
  • Osvaldo Casanova – Illustrator, Italy
  • Samuel Byrnes – Illustrator, Australia
  • Planning Unit – Design, UK
  • Donal Fallon – Come Here To Me, Ireland
  • Geo Law – Illustrator, UK
  • Robert Mora – Photographer, USA
  • Herman Joustra – Staantribune, The Netherlands
  • Thijs Brouwers – Photographer, The Netherlands
  • Stuart Roy Clarke – Photographer, UK
  • Samuel Bono – Illustrator, Brazil
  • Ian Kerr – Thin White Line, Australia
  • Aleksandar Jason – Photographer, Australia
  • Fenomeno CHOI – Illustrator, South Korea
  • David Toms – Football Historian, Ireland
  • Sander Neijnens – Typographer, The Netherlands
  • Johnny Hynes – Liverpool FC magazine, Ireland
  • Ruben Gerard – Illustrator, France

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