Sportweek Speciale Campionato Serie A 2015/16

SportweekLa Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly magazine, have gone all out for their Serie A Speciale Campionato  2015/16. Their season preview issue (see the previous season version here) features some great photo-collage artwork from Washington DC -based illustrator Nathan Arizona.

A mix between Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, these excellent photo-collages bring some extra fantasy to what is sure to be an exhilarating Serie A season. To see more about the special issue visit

Nathan uses a combination of photos, paint, ink, tape, charcoal, pencils, markers, dog hair, diet coke and belly-button lint to create dynamic portraits and editorial illustrations. See more on his website here.

Serie A 2015/16 Team Walls
Stadiums of Italia'90



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