Stadio della Roma Brochure

village_2AS Roma’s plans for a new stadium have certainly caught the imagination of the Roman public (see photos here). Provisionally dubbed ‘Stadio della Roma’, the plans for the new stadium in Tor di Valle were unveiled in March 2014 and despite numerous obstacles to overcome, it looks like the ambitious project will go ahead.

Stadio della Roma Brochure are two official documents which were produced by AS Roma for the presentation of new stadium. They were designed by 6Punto14 Creative Licensing, a design studio from Milan, and Lana Cuk, a designer from Lecco, with the graphics based upon those by

With some great images used in the presentation of the stadium, with plans by architect Dan Meis, and some nice, modern design, the brochure looks as tasty as the stadio itself.

Dietro le porte
Messi V Maradona



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