Stars of Brazil 2014

Stars of Brazil 2014 is a great new portrait series featuring some of the most famous faces from the biggest teams (though all 32 are to come!) which will battle it out in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Created by Rudi Gundersen, a designer and illustrator from Bodø, Norway, who’s excellent illustrations we featured here before. Rudi has several different techniques and styles, but his forte is certainly in portraits and caricatures.

Stars of Brazil features some of the best players on the planet in Andrea Pirlo of Italy, Arturo Vidal of Chile, Cristian Ronaldo of Portugal, Robin Van Persie of Holland, Neymar of Brazil, Eto’o of Cameroon and Luka Modric of Croatia, to name but a few.

You can get your hands on these prints here.

Below each image is a brief comment from Rudi on his selection – do you agree?!

Andrea Pirlo was for me a obvious choice for the Gli Azzurri.

It was either Robben or van Persie, but if this man stays fit I think he is both the most important player they have and more liked by the dutch fans.

Chile. It was either Sanchez, Vargas or Vidal. Chose the Juve player as he seems likely to dominate the midfield for La roja.

Iker Casillas. Hard to choose from all the quality midfielders in this team, so I went for El capitán.

Mexico with Chicharito. Was either him or Giovani dos Santos. I think he is more popular than the Villareal player.

Neymar. Lots of qualityplayers to choose from. But the young Barcelona player will probably be their most important player

Cameroon! Even though he is not getting younger, few can argue that Eto’o is the indomitable lions most important player.

Croatia with Luka Modric. It was either him or Mandzukic, but I think Luka is their most important player and also a popular guy in Croatia.

Ronaldo at Portugal. 2/32 done!

Started a project where I will make one design for each team at the World Cup in Brazil 2014. The player who will front the team will be either the star or the most liked player on their respective country.


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