UEFA Champions League 2020 Visual identity

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The visual identity for the upcoming 2020 UEFA Champions League was officially unveiled in Monaco at this season’s group stage draw. The final will be held in Istanbul this year and the design features local elements from the host city in combination with iconic aspects of the competition.

Produced by artist and illustrator Tolga Tarhan, who is a native of Istanbul, and branding agency DesignStudio, the 2020 Final identity is based upon an abstract depiction of the city at sunset. Inspired by the rich colours of the Istanbul sky and the vivid lights of this bustling city, the scene features iconic landmarks such as the Galata tower, the aqueduct and the bridge across the Bosphorus.

UEFA Champions League 2020 Visual identity – click to see in more detail

While the design changes every year, the trophy remains at the centre of the visual identity, ensuring a consistency between finals and recognisability throughout time. The new brand identity has been developed in collaboration with UEFA’s marketing partner, TEAM Marketing AG, illustrator Tolga Tarhan and branding agency DesignStudio.

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