AS Roma – season in a fireball

There are several different dictionary meanings for the term fireball, depending on where you look, but here are some selected ones:

fire·ball [fahyuhr-bawl]

  1. A somewhat spherical mass of fire.
  2. A ball of fire, as the sun; a shooting star.
  3. A luminous meteor, sometimes exploding.
  4. A ball filled with explosive or combustible material, used as a projectile to injure the enemy by explosion or to set fire to their works.

Time and time again, AS Roma’s season sounds just like a fireball. Has the appearance of being dangerous, capable of lashing out great levels of hurt and destroying opponents, full of beauty, always impassioned and red hot, yet all the while remaining extremely volatile and likely to blow up at any minute.

There’s always next season…

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Colourful Retro Football Posters
Roma v Lazio – Coppa Italia Final 2013



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