AS Roma Vintage Photo Collection – Digitally Retouched: 1979-80

AS Roma Vintage Photo Collection is a series of classic historical vintage photos of AS Roma. The photos have all been digitally retouched and, in most cases, are high-resolution, or at least quite large file size.

The earlier photos consist mainly of team line-ups – as, naturally enough, there aren’t too many action shots available – while the photos from the 70’s and 80’s focus predominantly on the tifosi and the Ultras, although there are a number of player and action shots mixed in, too.

They capture the passion and enthusiasm which existed around the club at the time. Much like it is now, Roma fans can be quite devout and feverish in their support, and if anything the scenes in the Curva Sud in these images were even more intense and chaotic. In a sense, they also featured better coreografía than what we see today, something which we have perhaps lost from the time. Yes, the Curva Sud of today can put on a show, but the simplicity of the colour and flares and flags from those days are something which you just don’t get anymore.

Roma is a club which has had its fair share of legends, on and off the field. Giacomino Losi, core de Roma; the mythical Campo Testaccio; Agostino Di Bartolomei, o capitano… ; the Curva Sud, the colour and the Ultras; The Derby della Capitale; Rocca, Pruzzo, Conti… Totti. It is a club which is brimming with history. A history which is still reflected in the stands today. The photos in this collection will come to reflect that.

The photos will be categorised into the following parts (NOTE: the following will be hyperlinked for navigation when appropriate entry is added):

This will, hopefully, continue up to the 2000’s, or there or there about, so be sure to check back.

Orignal photo credits are to: – a wonderful database and almanac collection of AS Roma’s history – a historic collection of AS Roma’s past – the story of AS Roma and the Ultras

Click on each photo to see in full size. Each photo will be captioned below.

Roma legend Bruno Conti celebrates scoring against Torino
Pruzzogol. Roberto Pruzzo scoring against Catanzaro. Also in the picture is Carlo Ancelotti
Carlo Ancelotti making his Roma debut (in Serie A) on the opening day of the season against Milan. Here he comes close to scoring (it finished 0-0), with Roberto Pruzzo already celebrating in the background
A baby-faced Carlo Ancelotti
A busy Curva Sud
The Curva Sud
Black and white shot of the Curva Sud. Flying toilet role was quite popular in those days
Roma tifosi away at Ascoli
Tifosi away at Fiorentina
Away at Bologna Di Bartolomei strikes a free-kick
Fiorentina fans in the Stadio Olimpico
The Curva Sud for what came to be known as ‘Derby Paparelli’ – when Lazio fan Vincenzo Paparelli tragically died after being hit by a flare fired from the opposite end of the stadium (Note the “you’ll never walk alone” banner. You’ll never seen one like it again after 1984)
A drawing from the aftermath of  ‘Derby Paparelli’, when a flare struck Lazio fan Vincenzo Paparelli in the Curva Nord
The Curva Sud with banner ‘Enrico is innocent’, protesting against the arrest of fan Enrico Marcioni for firing the flare during ‘Derby Paparelli’
Lazio’s Bruno Giordano and Ago wearing the same commemorative jersey, 20 days after ‘Derby Paparelli’ (see above), in a friendly game in honour of Vincenzo Paparelli. The two mixed teams were ‘Romans’ v ‘Rest of Italy’ (for more info see here)
The second (competitive) Rome Derby of the season: Bruno Conti pictured with Bruno Giordano. Also in the shot is Englishman Giuseppe Wilson, Lazio captain
Roberto Bomber Pruzzo scoring a penalty
Francesco ‘Kawasaki’ Rocca, who played 163 games for Roma, despite retiring at the age of 26
The season ended in success for Roma, claiming the Coppa Italia after beating Torino on penalties
The Roma line-up for the victorious Coppa Italia final: Pruzzo, Amenta, De Nadai, Turone, Santarini, Benetii, (front) Ancelotti, Giovannelli, Conti, Maggiora, Tancredi
The tifosi celebrating Coppa success
The colour of the Curva after Coppa victory
One Match a Day
Maradona at Napoli – in high definition



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