Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review

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With all home and away kits now unveiled by clubs for the upcoming 2018-19 Serie A season (with the exception of Parma, who have yet to unveil their home), here is Forza27’s full kit review and rankings for all teams. A lot have yet to unveil their 3rd, as is the norm with the bigger manufacturers, but we’ve already seen some classic kits and some not so good. Scroll down to view, and view the original rankings in order on twitter here.

A stylish effort from Joma for Atalanta this season, with some nice variation for the 2nd and 3rd kits and an interesting patterned gradient on the latter. The home is clean and simple with thick stripes, with a nice centred crest position. The white away features a special crest of La Dea (The Goddess).

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 3rd

Bologna’s new home kit, produced by Bologna-based manufacturer Macron, feature only two stripes on the front and back compared to previous years, with vertical pinstripes completing the look. The white away kit has a plain but polished look and feel, and is inspired by the second jersey from the 1980-81 season. For their 3rd kit, Bologna have put it to an excellent social media vote with some very slick dark themed kits for fans to choose from.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 15th

Another kit produced by Macron, Cagliari have gone for a traditional look and is half-and-half colour based. The white away is comprised of a smart blue-red center stripe which is rudely interrupted by primary and secondary sponsor logos, although they do bring a certain identity to the shirt being local Sardinian companies. Cagliari have yet to unveil their 3rd.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 16th

Chievo’s all-yellow home kit drops the blue sleeves of last season and features a special crest honouring Cangrande, with the clubs main crest on the sleeve. Combined with multiple sponsor logos (not all pictured here) it makes for a messy looking final shirt. The white 2nd and navy 3rd kits are the same template with another custom Cheivo crest gradient vertical stripe on the left side.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 20th

Empoli’s return to Serie A is marked with the release of a new navy-to-blue gradient, moving away from the traditional complete azzurri kit. A relatively unremarkable effort from Kappa, with plain white and black 2nd and 3rd kits respectively, they are diminished by a large sponsor logo and a second front logo.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 17th

Fiorentina continue with their 4 quartieri inspired kits (2 shown above), that is 4 away kits inspired by the 4 quarters of Firenze, as well as their traditional purple home kit . Fashionable as ever from Le Coq Sportif, they have perhaps sacrificed style for the vintage retro look a bit too much, but fine work nonetheless.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 8th

Serie A newcomers Frosinone were late to the party in releasing their new kits, produced by Italian brand Zeus. The home kit is a plain yellow with blue trimmings and subtle vertical stripes on the body. The away is an interesting look of white and blue and yellow tones at the top with dashed patterns throughout.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 19th

Genoa’s kits last season were some of the best for a long time, so these seem like a step back. They lose the ultra-stylish textured appearance and have gone for slight blurred gradient effects, with lighter red, blue and navy. Still, a nice effort from Lotto for all 3, the 3rd of which was chosen after a clever fan vote.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 12th

Nike have come under a lot of scrutiny for using its global templates for practically all its clients and rightfully so, but this season we’ve seen some much-welcomed variations to their designs. In Inter’s case its a graphic print resembling the scales of Inter’s iconic Il Biscione fading in from the bottom. The white away features the same pattern all over, with Inter’s 3rd yet to be released.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 4th

The most striking aspect of Juventus’ new home kit, aside from their logo, is the big ‘H’, which has come under a lot of criticism from fans. Thicker black stripes coupled with the unfortunate Jeep logo leave a strange overall look to an otherwise stylish shirt. The black 3rd (2nd not yet released), made from recycled ocean waste, is complimented nicely with a fluorescent yellow trim.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 11th

Lazio return to their ‘maglia bandiera’ used to much acclaim in 2014-15. The futuristic eagle design was inspired by ancient Greek legends, as was the clubs blue and white colours, and is featured in strong navy across the centre. Manufacturers Macron must have missed the memo regarding away jerseys: it is also white and blue.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 9th

Milan’s first year with new suppliers Puma after years of iconic Adidas kits and they have played it safe. A straightforward red and black stripe home shirt, with 6 stripes on front, while its a plain white away with a rather confusing looking black horizontal grunge strip across the top. Milan’s 3rd is a standard Puma away kit template which can be seen on lots of other shirts.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 14th

Napoli like to do things differently. They unveiled their new kits with a wonderfully bizarre video, something to do with the ‘panthers roar’ (hidden in the geometric design). Based on Kappa’s ‘Kombat’ range, a new unique geometric pattern features strongly across both the home and away. Napoli have yet to release their 3rd, but knowing how crazy De Laurentiis is, it will probably be unveiled been worn by an actual panther on a leash.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 7th

There’s not enough space to write how beautiful Parma’s dark 3rd kit is (see more here). First and second stocks of it sold out immediately. Manufacturers Errea have been producing some of the best and most original kits around, and this stands out as the best kit of the season by a mile. And then there’s the away kit, the classic gialloblu stripes stripes commemorating the 20th anniversary of that classic Parma side. Simply stunning, and we’ve not yet glimpsed the home.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 1st

Like Inter, Nike have stepped up their efforts with Roma’s home kit, with a unique pattern in the form of a ‘chainmail armour’ (Lorica Hamata) giving the shirt an elegant look. Based on the Nike Vapor global template, Roma have reverted back to their traditional red and yellow colours and for the first time in over 5 years have a new shirt sponsor (see more here). The away kit is a classy if understated grey themed kit based on Nike’s Aeroswift template, with Roma’s 3rd yet to be unveiled.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 5th

A traditional light blue and white multi-striped design with a nod to the past, somewhat tainted by an ugly sponsor logo across the centre, particularly on the orange away shirt which features a diagonal two-colour band. The away is complemented by an embossed club’s crest at the bottom, a nice detailed touch from Macron.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 18th

As one of the most iconic and recognisable kits in world football, not much change is needed with the Samp home kit. The most notable change is a minimalistic club crest on the kits, while the 2nd and 3rd go for usual looking vertical colour stripes on opposite sides. The black retro 3rd also has a laced collar. A special message on the neck of all the kits reads ‘La Maglia piú bella del mondo’ (the best shirt in the world), and who are we to argue? Well…

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 2nd

Its more stripes for Sassuolo this season as Kappa bring back thinner stripes on the home shirt as well as white pinstripes on the 2nd. A yellow 3rd is introduced to replace the odd blue & black/green combo of last season, although blue remains on the sponsor & trimmings, and it features large crest faded into the bottom.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 13th

Torino have been one of the most stylish Serie A sides over the last number of years, at least in terms of their kits. This year Kappa have introduced a triangle pattern based on the Kombat range similar to Napoli’s, and in each shape is a tiny Toro (bull) in the centre. A matching white away and black third complete the look.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 10th

Macron have really up the ante this season with stylish designs across all its five Serie A clubs, the most of any manufacturer. With beautiful details & trimmings, Udinese’s 3 kits are as sharp as they come. The home has nice gold trimmings to compliment the Bianconeri, but the away is an ugly tone of gold utterly ruined with a white-boxed logo. The dark blue 3rd makes up for it though, with a subtle camouflage print and a lovely colour combo.

Forza27’s Serie A 2018-19 Kit Review Power Ranking: 6th

Thats it for all the Serie A kits for 2018-18, except for some clubs 3rd version yet to be released. Let us know your thoughts on our rankings through this thread on twitter, and keep an eye on our Style section for the latest football fashion and gear!

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